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This course will cover complete process of whiteboard animation including scripting, recording and animating using Video Scribe, each step will be explained and after this course you will be able to design your own whiteboard animation. Whiteboard animation is specific type of presentation that uses the process of creating a series of drawn pictures on a whiteboard that are recorded in sequence and then played back to create an animated presentation. Other terms are "video scribing" and "animated doodling". These video animation styles are now seen in many variations and have taken a turn into many other animation styles. Those who use whiteboard animation are typically businesses and educators. For educational purposes, whiteboard animation videos have been used for learning online to teach languages, as chapter summaries for educational textbooks, and for the public communication of academic scholarship Whiteboard Animation process can be described as follow: 1. Compose the content 2. Record the voiceover 3. Make starting animations 4. Organize the animations 5. Make Guides 6. Record the video 7. Match up sound and video 8. Include music 9. Export and share[2] Follow creativo for more 😊

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Software introduction and interface

  • Introduction to course 55sec
  • Installation and interface of video scribe 5min 21sec

Getting familiar with Video Scribe environment and creating first White board animation

  • Creating first WBA 22min 18sec

Professional WBA Project

  • Starting proper project 7min 36sec
  • Complete project step by step 26min 18sec
  • Importing Assets in VideoScribe 2min 46sec


  • Conclusion & Assignment 1min 31sec
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Frequently asked questions

Video Scribe is the most effective way of creating WBA. We are going to use video scribe throughout this course

You can get free 7 days trial of video scribe for free during learning period, other than that you can also create unlimited videos for free but with watermark of video scribe in it. If you go professional as freelancer than you can purchase its paid plan

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