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🛒 So many people have started off their online shops on Daraz and made proper revenue, so why can't you? Sometimes it's difficult to break into a competitive market but with this course, we can guarantee you will have your own successful store on the Daraz Ecommerce website with this COURSE!!! 👉 This course will cover all the important aspects of a Daraz Seller Account. It will contain all the necessary guides you need to follow, otherwise without the proper direction many people suffer revenue losses while selling on Daraz. The language of delivery for this course is Urdu/Hindi so you won't face any barriers, in fact you will understand concepts much more effectively. 💲 Daraz.pk is currently the largest online selling market in Pakistan yet, and in this course we will go through the complete process of how you can sell on Daraz like thousands of other people who have established their livelihood and businesses there. 👇 This course will cover all important aspects of Daraz and e-commerce, including: ◼ Understanding Daraz and E-Commerce (how to sell on Daraz, what is a seller account?) ◼ Seller Account Creation. (how to create, set up your own seller account and Daraz online shop) ◼ Seller Portal Management (how to manage your Daraz Seller Account) ◼ Orders & Rating Management (how to process orders you receive) ◼ Searching for and uploading products (how to hunt new products for your shop) ◼ Understanding Daraz Finances (how payments are processed for a Daraz Seller Account) Enroll now to get complete and the best Daraz E-Commerce Training 💯 Trainer: Shah Fahad Ahmed from Creativo 👇

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Let's get started with your online business by creating an account on the Daraz Ecommerce Seller Portal. Moreover, let's see what steps to take to get verified.

  • Account Creation 5min 31sec
  • Account verification 7min 28sec

Learn how to upload your first stock-keeping unit successfully, and process all the products you intend to sell on Daraz.

  • Uploading first SKU 7min 52sec
  • Orders Processing 1 1min 27sec

Manage orders placed with you, working on shipping labels and getting order ready for scheduled drop-offs & pickups.

  • Orders Processing 2 6min 41sec
  • Shipping labels 2min 12sec
  • Schedule Drop Offs 1min 17sec

Sort through how to manage finances, and discover small details and options available on the Daraz Sellers Portal.

  • Small Details in Portal 3min 52sec

Concluding with the last session covering all tips and tricks that come in very handy for sellers.

  • Conclusion 7min 57sec
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About Expert

Shah Fahad Ahmed

Founder/CEO - Creativo

In the Mission of Enlightening the Youth with Quality Education!


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Frequently asked questions

No, you can register as a local seller directly without any documentation

You can visit your nearest Leopards Courier office.

No actual investment is required. You can list products on your shop before purchasing them <- steps for this are mentioned throughout the course.

One time fee for the whole master course
16 enrolled on this course