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Do you want to create video logs, tutorials, courses and product videos? That means you want to learn video editing !! This course will cover basics of Adobe premiere pro, even if you are complete beginner, you will get the idea of editing videos, some fundamental concepts of content creation, camera equipment, mic, lights & basic part of video and its formats. You will learn editing in premiere pro while creating two different projects, you will be provided with all the source files used in this course. After basics, we are going to some intermediate and advance topics in Adobe premiere pro like color grading, audio editing, multiple sequences and timelines, essential graphics, synchronization and much more. After this course you will be able to edit your videos easily and quickly using adobe premiere pro. This course will cover: -Premiere pro basics -TimeLine and composition -Adding background music -Adding text -Adding transition and titles -Color grading -Track Synchronization -Multiple timelines -Organization of media in premiere -Exporting in different formats and Bitrates.

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Basics of Video Editing

  • Class 1 - Video Fundamentals.mp4 19min 47sec
  • Class 2 - Basic premiere pro video editing2.mp4 29min 43sec

Titles, transitions and some practice

  • Class 3 - Text , titles and transitions.mp4 21min 16sec
  • Class 4 - Some discussion.mp4 3min 56sec

Creating big projects and advancing in Premiere Pro

  • Class 5 - Organizing files in premiere pro.mp4 13min 6sec
  • Class 6 - Effect control and other tools.mp4 16min 32sec
  • Class 7 - Audio and video effects, green screen and advance editing.mp4 23min 6sec

Final Project, Color grading and synchronization

  • Class 8 - Color grading, sequences and syncronization.mp4 37min 34sec
  • Course Outro.mp4 5min 5sec
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    Arqam qureshi


    Course acha tha. mere pas adobe ka software install nahin horaha tha. Sir n help krdi usme bhi. i give 5 star.

  • Abdullah


    Very easy to learn and step by step. I will practice the assignment tasks

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