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Do you want to learn video editing? Do you want to create video logs, tutorials, courses and product videos? If yes, than you are in right place. This course will cover basics of Adobe premiere pro, even if you are complete beginner, you will get the idea of editing videos, some fundamental concepts of content creation, camera equipment, mic, lights & basic part of video and its formats. You will learn editing in premiere pro while creating two different projects, you will be provided with all the source files used in this course. After this course you will be able to edit your videos easily and quickly using adobe premiere pro.

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Introduction to the course

  • Introduction to the course 1min 43sec

Part 1 - Fundamentals of video production

  • Part 1_Fundamentals of video production 7min 11sec

Part 2 - Video Formats, Resolution & frames

  • Part2_Basic Concepts of Video 11min 52sec

Part 3 - Video editing

  • Editing1_Starting first project in premiere pro 16min 13sec
  • Editing2_Playing with timeline 13min 34sec
  • Editing3_Adding Background music 4min 39sec
  • Editing4_Creating a sequence 14min 20sec
  • Editing5_Creating second project 10min 8sec

Conclusion and Assignment

  • Conclusion and Assignment 2min 22sec
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Shah Fahad Ahmed

Co-Founder - Creativo

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5 stars 2 ratings
  • Wajeeha noor

    Verified by Airschool

    Excellent course for beginners. I wish they have an advanced course too.


    Verified by Airschool

    MashAllah Simple, to the Point, Completely understanding way of teaching Graet Initiative by Creativo & airschool.

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  • Video Editor

Frequently asked questions

This course is divided in 3 main parts. 1. Basic concepts of video production and equipment. 2. Essential properties of video like resolution, frames and editing software. 3. Editing different type of projects in Premiere pro.

All video and audio files will be available in resources tab, so you can follow along and edit your own videos

Adobe Premiere pro.

One time fee for the whole master course
15+ enrolled on this course