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Fusion 360 is a very powerful CAD software & one can do a lot of different things right in this one software including 3D Designs, Simulations, 2D renders, 3D animation. We can export 3D printer files (STL files) and Laser cutting files (DXF files) directly from our design for fabrication using Fusion 360. Fusion 360 is integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software. The real magic in 3D printing happens when you are able to create your own designs. We will learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to design ten practical and functional products that can be 3D printed. Each lesson will build on the prior to introduce design concepts and best practices when designing for desktop 3D printers. You'll start by discovering the areas of sketch creation and the importance of constraints in parametric mode. Moving forward, you will explore the various strategies on creating complex free-form geometries in the sculpt environment, as well as exploring joining parts into assemblies. This course is divided into 4 sections: Section 1 covers basics like software installation, licenses, navigation & interface, basic tools, appearances short keys, and sketches. Section 2 covers different types of projects to understand the tools of fusion 360. Some common projects like ice cube tray and hexagon nut will be covered Section 3 covers some advanced fundamentals like user parameters, assembly, bodies, and components. Section 4 covers some bonus projects, to give you a better understanding of all tools at once.. Exporting files for 3D printers and Laser cutting machines etc. Fusion 360 is free for students and hobbyists and is a very powerful designing tool. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to begin creating your own designs and start turning your ideas into physical objects. The course is geared for beginners. No prior knowledge in 3D design necessary.

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Course Introduction

  • Course Introduction 1min 35sec

Section 1: Basics of Fusion 360

  • 1_1 Software installation.mp4 5min 49sec
  • 1_3 Timeline and bodies.mp4 11min 56sec
  • 1_2 Basic Shape.mp4 12min 47sec

Section 2: Projects

  • 2_1 Ice cube tray.mp4 13min 27sec
  • 2_2 Hexagon nut.mp4 9min 45sec

Section 3: Advance fundamentals

  • 3_1 User parameters.mp4 18min 1sec
  • 3_2 Joints and assembly.mp4 10min 13sec
  • 3_3 Render Workspace.mp4 8min 2sec
  • 3_4 STL export.mp4 3min 5sec
  • 3_5 Section outro.mp4 31sec

Section 4: Bonus

  • 4_1 complete project.mp4 14min 17sec

Course Outro

  • Outro.mp4 1min 26sec
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  • Nida j


    It was really simple, helpful and quick course.. as a automobile eng. student i was really in need of something like this. It is time to practice fusion 360 now, also waiting for response from instructor for some little queries :)

  • J



    Easy and simple. I like it.

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  • Mechanical assembler in fusion 360
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